Friday, October 30, 2009

It was acceptable in the eighties...

Look back to the fashion in the eighties, and your mind conjours images of bad perms and ski pants... but the eighties is back in fashion, who would have thought ? And i'm loving it.
Studded leather biker jackets are all over the high streets, and i want one badly!
I've listned to 80's glam rock so much recently that i've fallen in love with the cheesey 80's rocker look, im talking zebra print trousers, loads of leather, big hair, leather studded biker gloves and ankle boots. Not altogether else you will risk looking like the 80's threw up on you!

I want this jacket !! i think it would look amazing teamed with treggings and a long loose top underneath. I find items like this are best teamed with a sort feminine floaty fabric, of give the outfit edgeyness. As seen on Taylor Momsen, the pink ruffles with leather jacket and fishnets compliment each other perfectly, replace the pink skirt with a denim skirt and it would look trashy. I'm not sure about those shoes though, I would have worn a pair of louboutins or something elegant.

Studded accesories are for the less brave for a hint of edgeyness. Herm├ęs' studded cuff is taking the fashion world by storm, its the new "it" accessory..and only €1,000 or something ridiculous! As seen on every and any celeb on the red carpet. Personally I'd rather get one from your local Hot Topic for a more budget friendly price!

Christian Louboutin has a range of studded heels, and i would KILL for a pair. Mary janes with studs, they are to die for! Someone buy me a pair and I'll love you forever ! Until then, i'll just have to do with my Topshop copy.

I never thought I'd hear myself say it, but I think Madonna's look in the eighties was AMAZING. I'm talking loads of black lace, jewelled crop tops, beads, rosary beads, lace tights..
aaaaaand i just spent an hour doing an 80's polyvore set before i went and erased it all by accident ¬_¬
meh ill do it again later.

I LOVE this outfit Carrie is wearing in the new SATC movie.

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