Thursday, December 30, 2010

Primark vs big brands

I've decided to focus this blog on budget make up as there are so many blogs out there dedicated to expensive brand make up, as much as I adore the bigger branded make up such as mac or nars, I love nothing better than to find cheap little gems whose quality compares to the more expensive brands. 

I came across Primark's newest make up section and after testing some of it out I decided some was not worth the €1.50 price tag and some were a bargain at that price range!!

I'll start with the cheek & lip tint. I haven't got a picture of it sadly, but it's in white packaging, it screws upwards and looks like a large lipbalm in a rose red colour with a creamy texture. It resembles a Pout cheek tint I have (that you sadly can't buy anymore as the company closed down 3 years ago) pictured below:

I picked the Primark cheek tint up because it was reduced to 50cent and the swatch looked like it was good quality. It gives a nice flush to the cheeks if you apply it to your cheeks lightly with your finger and blend into the foundation on your cheeks. However saying that I think I've only used it the once! But it's better than the Benefit's liquid rose cheek and lip tint, I find it uncontrollable and almost leave a watermark on your face!

The next thing I bought was the Primark primer called "The Prime of your Life", I picked it up as it was only €3 or something, so it was worth the try at that price.
As you can see it's almost like a copy of Benefit's primer:

Prime of your life is a pink toned primer with highlighting particles.
I would not use this as a primer as I used it once as and left my skin very shiny and very pink, a primer is meant to even out the skin texture, filling out any lines and pores so that the foundation application over it goes on with an airbrushed effect.
However I mixed it in with my foundation and it gave a lovely silky gleam off it. To get that dewey finish to the skin I normally mix some Illamasqua gleam cream into the foundation and apply, but for everyday wear the Primark version works a treat as the Illamasqua gleam cream costs something like €28, its not ideal to use every day.
I wouldn't recommend it if you are prone to redness or have oily skin.

Next thing is the Primark Activ Eyelashes (Thanks to Debbie for telling me about these!)
They cost €4 for a pack of 5, and they are identical to the Girls Aloud eyelashes which cost something like €8 per pair!  The quality are just as good if not identical to the Allure Girls Aloud lashes. Instead of using the glue that comes with the primark lashes, I used my Duo glue that I use with all my fake lashes, so I cant review the glue that comes with them.
Here you can see the Primark lashes and the Allure Girls aloud ones:

Another Primark product I picked up was Rock Spirit perfume, for which I paid  £4 sterling for. It smells identical to Ed Hardy perfume, very sweet and light. The bottle is gorgeous, it's clear
with a black lace design on it like the Christina Aguilera perfume.
I just wear it to work everyday, the scent doesn't last at all though, but it's great for everyday wear when you want to keep your nice perfumes for the weekends!

Theyre all the products Ive ever used or bought from Primark/Penneys, Ive tried a few other things by them such as the eyeshadows and blushers and theyre not pigmented enough for my liking. The brushes seem okay, but I'm a brush Nazi and stick to the mac ones that i love!