Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I've been getting a lot of people asking how they can become a make up artist / what course I did etc..
So instead of answering these questions over and over I'm gonna write some little lists and facts.

Going back to the start, I started doing make up when I was a child, basically.
One of the first presents I asked off Santa was a make up kit, and was devastated when I woke upto a plastic make up kit under the tree! True story.
I started studying make up when I was about 14. I still have really dodgy 90's make up books in my room that I bought when I was younger. I used to study them back to front.. which honestly taught me everything I know now, and I started doing other people's make up back then.
When I left school I didn't persue make up as there was no career options in make up back then so I studied art and design for 5 years and then did my make up course. Some people in my graphic design course were so passionate about design, they spent all their time practising it and ate breathed and lived design. I LOVED my course but felt that I was as passionate as them about make up, not design and knew that make up was what I was meant to do.

I started a make up course in October, finished in Feb.
It taught me sweet fuck actually, it taught me nothing (except how to avoid infecting people!!!) I started working on photoshoots whilst I was doing the course and learned more that way.

So. Here's some guidelines to know if this is the career for you.

Do you feel that you aren't fantastic at make up, but that a make up course will teach you make up?

Then it's not the course for you. Courses teach application, professionalism, how to use materials, it does not teach you creativity, passion, talent. You have to be born with it.
If you can't put make up on your own face, why would people pay you to put it on their face?
Think about it.
If a person that can't draw decides to do an art course to teach them how to draw and comes out after a year of studying art ..... would they call themselves professional artists?
An artist is born an artist, courses will certainly teach them how to expand their skills, but it's something you're born with, not something you can create.

Are you an artist / are you good at drawing/painting/sculpting/design ?

If you are, then its just about looking at make up as your materials and the face as a blank canvas and using your creativity and I think that if you're a good artist you can become a great make up artist.
I find mua harder than art because in art the canvas doesn't move!
If you can't draw/paint/ aren't creative then you're gonna have a hard time, I think anyway.
Look at body painting/face painting. Its still art, just with different materials.

Do you people compliment your own make up and ask you to do their make up constantly?

Then you definitely should persue a career.

Are you extremely passionate about make up and a total make up nerd and secretly spend hours on end practising it?

Then go for it!

Do you want to become a make up artist because it seems like a cool, glamorous and easy career?

Lady, step awaaaaaay from the make up before I stab you in the eye with tweezers!!!

I certainly do not know everything about make still learning, I need a lot of practise still, but I've just had so many people ask me these questions, I felt they needed to be answered.
I think too many people think this career is easy & that it's glamorous.
At the end of the day, it isn't about how many make up qualifications you have, it's about the looks you create for your portfolio.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010