Monday, October 5, 2009

Blog virginity.

I decided to set up a blog, to keep record of little bits of inspiration every day. Focusing maily on shoes, design, make up and fashion! Today, an idea popped into my head..customizing shoes ! A plain pair of patented heels in penneys costs €9..why not jazz them up a bit and make them a lil bit more unique and colouful!

Shopping list:
some kind of paint that will stay on the shoe and not drip straight off again!

These are customized shoes I found a pic of, they're so cute !! And with bows glued to the back, or the front of the shoe they could look just like iron fist shoes..why pay €50 when you can pay €9 !

Customized:Iron Fist:
The customized ones actually look more expensive than these €50 Iron fist ones!
Iron Fist shoes are on my wishlist, they're so unique and amazingly colourful !
Check out these ones called "ruby slippers" I just found, I'll probably never wear them...but I want them so bad!

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