Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pin Up Shoot

Model: Maggie Page
Photo: James Brophy
MUA: Me.

Pretty self explanitory really!
This model was easy to work with as shes just so pretty !
I'm a complete eyebrow nazi, I love eyebrows and they have to be perfect with a perfect arch, I think they're the most important part of make up.
Trish had naturally very blonde eyebrows, so I loved the fact I had free reign asto how her eyebrows would look.
I think they look natural, yet defined in the finished result, which is what I was aiming for. They frame her beautiful face :)

One thing I would change, would be to use a different matte black eyeshadow.
I paid €20 for a single black matte eyeshadow from Make Up Forever.. and everytime I use it, it creases, on every skin type! For a tiny little eyeshadow, that's a lot of money, I wouldn't buy it again!

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