Sunday, September 19, 2010

Read my lips. Budget friendly lipstick

Recently I've been testing out a lot of lipsticks, I, like most make up artists and girls in general favour MAC's lipstick ranges, as the colours are so intense and they're very moisturising, but as I never get the time to visit MAC, i've been shopping around in my local chemist/drugstores to see if I could get any colours that compare to MAC's pigment and quality.
And surprisingly I did !

The first lipstick that caught my eye was one by Barry M.
I've always wanted a bright pink lipstick, but as I was afraid it wouldn't suit me I decided to try out a cheaper brand to test it out.
The shade I bought was 145 Punky Pink.
A bright pink lipstick with a slight purple tinge off it.
Straight off it reminded me of MAC's Girl About Town (one of my favourite lipsticks that I never got around to purchasing).
The price came in around €5, so I thoughtit would be worthless, but turns out, I really love it !
Here you can see it againt MAC's Girl About Town:

Left: MAC girl about town
Right: Barry M in 145 Punky Pink

It went on very smoothly, very moisturising and it had a gorgeous gloss finish.
I applied Illamasqua's sheer "Divine" lipgloss over it to finish it off.


Girl about town ----------------------------- Barry M's 145 Punky Pink

This colour could be used in various ways, never team it with a bright eyeshadow, the rule in make up is that either your lips, or your eyes should be the main feature. Like if you're wearing lime green eyeshadow, a natural lip should always be worn so the eyes are the focal point, if you're wearing a bright lipstick, then the eyeshadow should be neutral. With this shade I think a grey smokey eye would be very complimentary.

Revlon Colourburst lipstick:

I spotted a revlon advert at the back of a magazine and the shade Jessica Alba was wearing seemed to be the exact colour I've been searching for, yet I still doubted it as I dont trust make up from adverts, they're over photoshopped!

The shade on the advert stated it was Crimson, so I tried it out for myself and fell in love with the shade.
You still have that bright red lip, but it's a more wearable shade than some of the brighter red lipsticks on the market, it has more of a blue tinge so it also makes your teeth seem whiter.
The packaging also attracted it to me, it has a lovely quilted, classy packaging giving a much more expensive feel to it.
The lipstick itself glided on, and stayed in place a LOT longer than some more expensive high end brands.
This is the only product I really like from Revlon however, their foundations smell like paint stripper and go on just as bad!! The price? Only €11 !
This shade is AMAZING on porcelain skin teamed with a simple black liquid liner and defined brows. With this shade you really have to keep the make up to a minimum.
I will definetly be purchasing more shades, I was very impressed!

Here is a shade chart for these particular lipsticks:

The Fuschia lipstick looks gorgeous! I might have to buy that!

I think Crimson is nearly identical to MAC's classic Russian Red lipstick.

MAC Russian Red ---------------------------- Revlon's Crimson.

I think some of the shades this lipstick comes in can be compared to a lot of higher end lipsticks..
So if you want to buy a variation of shades, with a cheaper price tag than a lot of lipsticks, this line is fantastic!

Revlon's baby pink ------------------------ Viva Glam Gaga

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